The following are some webcomics that inspired us to start our own webcomic. Enjoy. More will be added as they come to mind.

Real Life Comics

One of the oldest webcomics, Greg Dean has been updating every weekday since 1999. Techie/geek humor, with quite a few fun little story arcs. Updates every weekday, in theory.


Meet Garth. The voices in Garth's head hold board meetings. The penguin is usually absent. Garth moonlights as a superhero, but that's really only in his spare time. Great techie/geek humor, with some random stuff thrown in. Updates every Monday.


Another old webcomic, MegaTokyo changed from a four-panel laugh-a-day comic to a web manga a few years back. Great story, if you don't mind a rather long read. Updates Mon-Wed-Fri.


More techie/geek humor. Noticing a trend here? Applegeeks is great, as long as you don't mind Macs too much. Monday & Thursday updates.

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